About Us

Purpose/Mission of +I +B+C+, Inc.

+I +B+C+, Inc. is an interdenominational sanctioning body devoted to training and choosing worthy individuals to the episcopacy.  The aim is to identify and unify fellow laborers whose Christian core values and beliefs are consistent with the persuasion of +I+B+C+, Inc. without regard to denomination (certain exemptions may apply). Any person considered for elevation by +I+B+C+, Inc. must have a work (be it foreign or domestic) significant enough to show proof of their ministry and inspired leadership.

The College of Bishops

The College of Bishops, comprised of all Bishops consecrated through and accepted into the +I+B+C+, Inc. which meets from time to time to discuss Church matters and to bring support and encouragement to one another. The goals of +I+B+C+, Inc. and it’s College of Bishops are:
  • To assemble a community of Bishops with like minds and hearts working to educate, encourage, edify and empower them for the ongoing challenges that the church faces.
  • To address controversial issues and questions of faith and related ethical behaviors.
  • To make formal statements on faith and basic principles in the name of +I+B+C+, Inc.
  • To offer recommendations and counsel to pastors and laity in order to foster church harmony.

Core Values

+I+B+C+, Inc., as a fellowship, functions with five core values exemplified through the following essentials: Fellowship, Accountability, Integrity, Training, and Holiness (FAITH):

To maintain a community for those who are a part of the episcopacy where constant camaraderie, family values and fellowship may be fostered.

To submit to reasonable oversight of one’s personal and/or professional life through the acceptance of admonition, guidance, and support from those in the fellowship.

To maintain the highest moral and ethical values, striving for Christian authenticity at all times seeking to please God and represent Him to others in ways that bring Him glory.

to provide ongoing training and education in the ways of the episcopacy to assure that all things will be done “decently and in order.”

To defend the faith, preserving and safeguarding its beliefs and traditions, at all times following and presenting Apostolic teaching.

The College of Bishops

South Africa

Gladstone Botwana
Bobby Malete
Albert Lindi Nkosi
Abraham Thamsanqa Sibiya
Sydney Bhekinkosi Shamase
Philile Elijah Mngunei
TT Jamile Madlala


Justice Kojo Bentil


Arnold Muwonge