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Archbishop RainerThe quest for a wider unity between the various Christian denominations is one of the most positve and exciting new facts in contemporary Church history. It has made the question of apostolic episcopacy far more than a merely domestic issue. With this concern prominent in my mind, I am excited about the co-relational alliance that exists between +I+B+C+ and the North American Jurisdiction.

BishopBaileyThe calling to the bishopric
is a calling to selflessness. A Bishop understands what it means to be a servant to his people and colleagues. He follows the dictum of the first Apostles and breathes hope where there has be lethargy. The link connecting the +I+B+C+ and this regional conference works to the end of glorifying our Heavenly Father.

Grace and peace from God our Father.

Archbishop RainerBuilding upon the foundations laid by the apostles, bishops and elders of the faith, it is my desire to promote intercommunion and relationship among the the churches of Jesus Christ and provide sanctuary for the presbytery through +I+B+C+, Inc’s core values of F.A.I.T.H (Fellowship, Accountability, Integrity, Training and Holiness).